Regal Traders

Unflinching commitment to exacting standards in the industry.


Regal Technologies

Pioneer in Direct-to-Home distributor of popular channels such as OSN, Pehla, and Al Jazeera.


Regal Group Investments

Maximising returns, while Optimising opportunities is the essence of our wealth-creation rationale.



This is a distinguished label, being a value-added brand in the textile industry.


Welcome to the Regal Group of companies

Whether you are a discerning client looking for the latest in our many offerings or a preferred associate scouting for greater opportunities with us or a committed employee wanting to be updated with your company or simply a casual visitor, you will find here – the vibrant and dynamic pulse of our business – to serve you, the stake holder, as the very center of all our endeavour.

The business philosophy at Regal revolves around two simple yet sterling principles –Quality and Service – which are reflected in every enterprise that we operate today.

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