Corporate Social Reponsibility


Regal - the pre-eminent Corporate citizen in our society

We live our belief that giving back to society, a bit of what we derive from it, is an integral part of our duty and responsibility, both as individuals and as a Corporate.

Regal has been at the fore-front in steering initiatives for the welfare of the community, much before CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) became a buzz word amongst commercial enterprises.

Our Chairman Vashu Shroff was co-founder and trustee of the Indian High School, which has since gained repute as an exceptional education institution. Involvement and participation, at personal and organization-wide levels, continue in our patronage of the Indian Sports Club and other Indian Associations.

The main Hindu temple in Meena Bazaar, Dubai is also administratively managed by our Group.

Furthermore, solemnisation of all Indian marriages as well as final rites is a sacred responsibility entrusted to us, by the local and Indian authorities.

Going back to our roots in Devlali, India, the Group supports its establishments of two old-age homes, a hospital for the needy and a blood bank, as well as a 500 desk school for children with speech and hearing impairments.

A dozen temples in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra are also maintained under the Group’s auspices.

In closing, we consider these steps are but a beginning and look forward to a long and bright future in improving the society and world around us, as we continue to grow and prosper.